Our Story

Our Story

Life Support began in 2006 after a visit to Eden Farm, Chingola in the Copper Belt of Zambia. Moved by the desperate situation of people living in abject poverty, members of our team committed themselves to help tackle some of the challenges they had witnessed and Life Support was formed. Its name clearly identifying the intention to offer help to those in need.

As we began to research the needs within Zambia we were impacted by how the HIV epidemic had left so many orphaned children in its wake. We focused our efforts on those children that were most affected by helping them with: education; food distribution and where needed, the provision of care for
orphaned or vulnerable children.

In January 2008, Eden Farm was donated to Life Support. The farm had once been a thriving business but had been abandoned and lay in disrepair. Guided by our partners in Chingola, we determined to build a children’s village to look after orphaned or vulnerable children.

Over time the work of Life Support in Zambia has increased to include three more projects:
Nurture caring for and educating women with HIV.
Kings Table caring for the elderly, abandoned and disabled within the local community.
Eden School providing education and a daily meal for its pupils.

From the outset we desired to create a sustainable model for the relief of poverty. We hope that the farm will one day support the running cost of our projects.

As well as Eden Farm being home to Eden School and Eden Children’s Village it has now become a community centre for those living in the area around the farm. Youth and children gather at the farm to play sports. There are now several choirs, a dance & drama group, a youth club and a church, all meeting at Eden Farm. Adults in the community gather at Eden Farm to discuss community matters and catch up on the latest news.

Life Support is registered as a charity in the UK and Eden Farm Children’s Village as a registered NGO in Zambia. All our projects are overseen by the Eden Farm Management Team in Zambia and supported by the Life Support Team in the UK.

Our Charitable Aims

Our charitable aims include providing:

  • Housing and security
  • Food and clothing to people in poverty
  • Medical care
  • Education and training

Underpinned by empowering individuals and communities to live independently of aid.